Exterior Elements

The purpose of the facade and other exterior elements is external decoration of the building. Due to their relative lightness, our products can be used to decorate both stone buildings as well as facades made of stone wool or foam polystyrene for reinforced cement mixtures.

Properties and Chemical Composition

  • Our products are manufactured using polystyrene foam (polymer consisting of styrene monomers - formula (C8H8) n), the hardness of which ranges between ESP100 and ESP300, depending on the intended use.
  • Our polystyrene foam products are coated with double-reinforced fine-grained cement mortar, with a thickness between 5mm to 10mm (with greater thickness possible for special applications).
  • Double reinforcement consists of a glass fiber reinforcement mesh and a variety of textile fibers mixed mixed into the mortar.
  • Moldings are resistant to ultraviolet rays.
  • Moldings are installed with no visible seams!